Hippies Destroyed America

From the Star Tribune, an analysis of what actually ails America:

When the complete history of the decline and fall of the American nation comes to be written, the turning point toward failure will not be recorded as the election of Donald Trump in 2016. It will be found among the events of 1968.

…Forces unleashed back then by angry protesters and resentful defenders of traditional ideals culminated decades later in the division of our people into “red” and “blue” warring tribes, with no cultural intermediaries left to speak of.

…The “Protestant ethic” of self-discipline and personal responsibility was rejected by many boomers. In its place was thrust forward a culture of entitlement and “self-actualization” as the New Jerusalem for America. Duty to family and country was old-fashioned, not “hip,” while “if it feels good, do it” became a norm for progressive minds to embrace.

In other words, we had a Socialist takeover. By allying with the Communists in WW2, America made herself open to the idea of Socialism, but paired it with a thriving capitalist state and applied it through “Great Society” and “New Deal” programs, which applied the Socialist subsidy state through tax-and-spend wealth transfer. This accomplished the goal of egalitarianism, which is always to reduce the higher so that the lower can thrive.

During the 1968 years, America shifted from a civilization founded on the idea of opportunity to one based on the idea of subsidy, or that “we” the people would subsidize each other, which always means taking from the productive and gifting to the unproductive. It took another twenty years to take effect fully, and during the intervening two decades, we have seen the destruction that it has wrought in the style of Soviet Communism.

Included among its many tentacles is the idea that a majority population such as Caucasian must be replaced because of their inherent rank in ability above third-world groups. This has manifested itself as a government agenda to destroy Caucasians through affirmative action, taxes, lawsuits, subjugation, and other forms of control. The hippies enjoy their final victory, but they do so at the expense of the land they inherited. “We had to destroy the village to save it, sir.”