Genocide Report (April 27, 2018)

  • The Disturbing Rise of Monarchism in America

    Monarchy in America has its most frank proponents in a fringe alt-right group generally called the “neo-reactionaries.” Without undertaking here the mammoth task of outlining neo-reactionary belief in full, we can perhaps summarize the school of thought as a belief that liberal values — meaning everything from modern progressivism to female suffrage and racial equality, depending on the particular brand of neo-reactionary — are deleterious to society and are pushed by elite liberal organs (collectively denoted the “Cathedral”) that subvert whatever pretense of democracy still exists in the West. What’s the solution? Naturally, “a Stuart restoration in an independent England.”

    …American politics is as dysfunctional as it is in large part because we are a diverse, disparate nation and we have abandoned many of the mechanisms that once served to localize, decentralize, and democratize policymaking.

    American politics has become dysfunctional because democracy is always dysfunctional and we abandoned our original elitism and instead enfranchised everyone we could, resulting in insane mob rule. 2016 showed us that the Constitution is dead because our country has been turned against us, and simply localizing just means that the federal government will ultimately be used against those local authorities. We have come to the end of the grand experiment in American exceptionalism; diversity, a grand experiment that is ending in the soft genocide of all of its participants, has shown us that we have gone so far off the rails that there is no restoration, only going a different direction. This is consistent, by the way, with how democracy has traditionally been viewed.

  • The conservative renaissance has begun

    For years, Republican voters were promised constitutionalist judges, fiscal probity and immigration enforcement. We got John “Obamacare” Roberts, runaway deficits, de facto open borders and multiple tries at Gang of Eight amnesty. If that weren’t enough, Republican believers in American primacy were led into a series of misguided wars by a small but determined foreign policy claque focused on implementing a policy of moral imperialism that runs counter to this country’s history and values.

    …American conservatism isn’t dead or dying. It’s thriving, but you’d have to look outside the Beltway and the legacy institutions to see it. This once-in-a-century reformation is revitalizing a political movement that was in danger of fading into irrelevance.

    …This conservative renaissance is young but vigorous. It embraces — but is also bigger than — Trump. While the American left is absorbed in a game of competitive victimhood, the American right is engaged in a serious debate about how best to develop and sustain civil society, how to foster good citizens and how to sustain U.S. peace and prosperity in the face of unprecedented challenges from an aggressive, confident China.

    American conservatism lost track of itself in the 1960s by again trying to find a way to “work within” an egalitarian system. Now we have seen that the end results of diversity, equality, and democracy are the genocide of our peoples and the destruction of those cultures. Consequently, conservatism is taking a new approach: deny any value to egalitarianism at all, and instead focus on realistic policy and social conservative values.

  • Indiana’s Lesson for Republicans

    If Braun can parlay his wealth and business record to the nomination, he’ll be proving a central maxim of the Republican Party dating to the tea-party era: Experience is a liability. Trump was an extreme continuation of the trends animating the GOP throughout Obama’s presidency, where inexperienced outsiders toppled entrenched politicians with stunning regularity. As veteran GOP strategist Alex Castellanos put it: “To renew ourselves, Republicans must always be agents of change; outsiders on the side of the people and not the establishment that requires transformation.”

    Entrenched politicians are those who believe in The System. Outsiders see that the system does not work, and if we do not guide it, the professional liars will use the credulity of the herd as a means of staying in power. If no one talks about the real issues, politicians talk about fake ones, and the voters pick the best option they see, being unable to change the direction of discourse because a herd is just a mass of chaotic animals. They need a strong voice to unify them who is not interested in profiting from The System.

  • How American Racism Influenced Hitler

    The Nazis idolized many aspects of American society: the cult of sport, Hollywood production values, the mythology of the frontier… In 1928, Hitler remarked, approvingly, that white settlers in America had “gunned down the millions of redskins to a few hundred thousand.” When he spoke of Lebensraum, the German drive for “living space” in Eastern Europe, he often had America in mind.

    …Enslavement of African-Americans was written into the U.S. Constitution. Thomas Jefferson spoke of the need to “eliminate” or “extirpate” Native Americans. In 1856, an Oregonian settler wrote, “Extermination, however unchristianlike it may appear, seems to be the only resort left for the protection of life and property.” General Philip Sheridan spoke of “annihilation, obliteration, and complete destruction.”

    America’s knack for maintaining an air of robust innocence in the wake of mass death struck Hitler as an example to be emulated. He made frequent mention of the American West in the early months of the Soviet invasion. The Volga would be “our Mississippi,” he said. “Europe—and not America—will be the land of unlimited possibilities.” Poland, Belarus, and Ukraine would be populated by pioneer farmer-soldier families. Autobahns would cut through fields of grain. The present occupants of those lands—tens of millions of them—would be starved to death.

    …When Hitler praised American restrictions on naturalization, he had in mind the Immigration Act of 1924, which imposed national quotas and barred most Asian people altogether. For Nazi observers, this was evidence that America was evolving in the right direction, despite its specious rhetoric about equality.

    If we turn this around, we see the truth: Hitler was not anomalous, but merely carrying on in a mechanistic, ultra-modern way the behaviors of the past. Specifically, he realized that this was a war against Asian expansion, even if it came through the Eurasians in the Soviet Union. The point has always been to make Western Europe dominant, to drive back the mixed-race and Asiatic, so that Western Europe has a buffer zone and can focus on fixing itself by undoing the past centuries of damage.

  • Where 8-Year-Old Was Raped and Killed, Hindus Rally Around Suspects

    There seems to be little remorse or sympathy here. Few people in the mostly Hindu village are talking about the inhumanity of the crime or the fact that the girl’s traumatized parents have fled. Barred from burying their daughter near their home, the family had to take her body with them.

    Instead, you hear things like: Our land and their land. Us and them.

    …The motive for the crime, investigators say, was nothing less than ethnic cleansing.

    People are figuring out that pluralism is a scam. Pluralism, or the idea that your local area can be both Muslim and Hindu, means that newcomers are tolerated until they can breed enough people and drive you out. This means that Hindus lose, and so they are retaliating, much as Germany did with Nazism. This approach will not work for the same reason: you cannot fight soft genocide with hard genocide; you can only win by seizing political power and relocating the other group.